Wavac Audio Lab

I have been involving and listening to live performance and songs as a sound engineer for over 20 years. Live performance is like a living thing. We are never able to hear it again. However I have been thinking of how the real feeling and pure sound of live performance can be captured. As digital technique is developing these days, the music industry is no exception and also changing. However I can’t find the sound I’m seeking there. Humans are performing and singing. And humans are listening by their ears. When I look for comfortable sound, I can’t find it in digital sound. Please note these amps are made to order and there is a 4 month lead time. Read more… HE-833MK2-300x200 HE-833 MK II Single Ended Class A 150 Watt  Amplifier £310,000 Pair SH-833-300x200 SH-833 Single Ended Triode Amplifier £250,000 Pair HE-833v2-300x211 HE-833 V2 Single Ended Triode 150 Watt  Amplifier £100,000 Pair HE-805-300x200 HE-805 50W Single-Ended Stereo Power Amplifier HE-805-300x200 EC-300B  Single Ended 10W Non NFB  Stereo Amplifier £25,000 md-805mk2-300x203 MD-805 MKII  Single Ended  60W Power Amplifier £50,000 Pair MD-805m-300x200 MD-805m  Single Ended  55W Power Amplifier £20,000 Pair Save